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If you're like me, you've probably also struggled to learn to tell the time at some point in your life. A bunch of arbitrary divisions that make absolutely no sense. When does the AM/PM go? When does it reset, on 12 or after? Why are they divided into 12ths and 60ths? Madness!

Can we really make fun of the janks for their inches in a stone in a footlong when we also use a system with weird divisions? That is as much as 10 football fields worth of conversions.

We cannot. We need to adapt.

Decimal time solves all this and more! The day is represented by a single number, going from 0 to 1. You can be as precise as you wish, by simply adding or removing decimals. It's also more compact, because no number has a boundary at 12 or 60.

This website does not use time zones and will start the day at midnight UTC. It's possible to use decimal time with time zones, but that's a separate discussion.